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Human Resource Solutions

If you're responsible for your company's human resources, you can either pile countless forms, resumes, and files on your desk, or you can manage all of your tasks electronically with J.N. Savasta's Human Capital Management System (HCMS).

An HRIS system such as HCMS helps your HR staff streamline day-to-day processes, manage employee benefits, reduce paperwork, and track ongoing employee data. By managing these and other activities from a single location, you can move onto more productive tasks. In addition, an HCMS system can provide employees with self-service access to their personal information so they can get answers to basic questions on their own.

HCMS allows you to set different access levels depending on who requests the information and what information they request. Employees, for example, may have just read-only access to certain forms and documents on HCMS, or the ability to edit their personal information. You can adjust their access levels at any time, and of course, you'll have complete control to edit and view anything you need.

HCMS system benefits:

  • Benefits management - HCMS imports all employee data as well as payroll and benefits information from other systems to control all HR aspects from a single location.
  • Reporting - Use preset reports for standard administrative document.

Time and Attendance Tracking you can also stay on top of employee attendance and remaining vacation.

For more information or to learn how J.N. Savasta Corp. can help you achieve your employee benefit goals, contact us today.

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